niki Thomas

‚ÄčNiki Thomas is a gifted Talent Manager whose success can be attributed to his astute musical foresight, industry contacts and sharp business acumen.

Negotiating and securing the best contracts and fees for his clients whilst managing events which allow his clients to showcase their groundbreaking talent. Niki's hands on approach and exceptional interpersonal skills motivate and empower his clients. Niki also takes great pride in nuturing the potential of his clients and appropriately asserting their needs with potential collaborators.

Niki continues to demonstrate his committment to the development of his talented clients and business through smart marketing strategies that successfully maximise the promotion of his clients brand.

Firm yet fair, Niki continues to maintain effective and sustainable relationships with clients, business affiliates and media contacts resulting in mutually benefiting outcomes.

The competitive nature of the music industry requires players that are ready for the game; through NWT Management, Niki Thomas has proved he is in it to WIN it!